mPower Mobile health research
At Sage Bionetworks, I was the scientific lead on the mPower mobile health research study that tracked symptoms of Parkinson disease in thousands of participants. I helped map symptoms to sensors in the design of the mPower app, a mobile phone application that collects voice, accelerometer, and tapping data. This was one of the first research applications built on top of Apple's new open source ResearchKit platform. I built the mhealthx software pipeline for extracting features from such mobile health data. I have expanded on this work by building a sensors/wearables program to track and mitigate symptoms of psychiatric illness in children and adolescents at the Child Mind Institute in Manhattan.
Sage_logo Open Science!
At Sage Bionetworks, in addition to brain imaging and mobile health research projects, I helped coordinate international biomedical contests, such as the Alzheimer''s Disease Big Data Challenge. During my lunch break, I also designed Sage's neon sign/logo, t-shirt, 2015 decal and poster, and the 2016 open assembly poster.
roygbiv ROYGBIV brain image viewer
As part of the Human Brain Mapping 2015's Hackathon, Anisha Keshavan and I put together a browser-based, interactive brain surface visualization tool. Simple plots of Mindboggle shape measures accompany the anatomically labeled brain regions. This is under active development. Ben Cipollini built an interactive poster for the 2015 Society for Neuroscience conference.
mindboggle_logo Mindboggle
I am the lead developer of Mindboggle, Python software for the analysis (feature extraction, labeling, and morphometry) of brain image data. The software has been used to prepare data for an international Alzheimer's challenge, has been funded by three NIH grants, and is under active development.
elloradaily Ellora Daily Photo
I take a photograph of my daughter's face every day (over 11 years now!) and use facial features to coregister the images to create a time-lapse animation of her entire life. I am working on crowdsourcing the feature extraction, and will experiment with nonlinear registrations (warping) of the resulting richly marked images. This project has been showcased in articles in the L.A. Times and Slate Magazine and has aired on Japan's NHK and Germany's DW-TV.
elloracaves Ellora Cave Temples
My wife and I collaborated with Professor Walter Spink of the University of Michigan to create the first comprehensive documentation of the Ellora cave temples of India. I took over 7,000 digital photographs of the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cave temples and have constructed an online "walk through" user interface to view the images with respect to the temple ground plans. This work was funded in part by a grant from the Mellon Foundation and several grants from the Indian government.
braincolor_logo BrainCOLOR
Collaboration with Neuromorphometrics, which includes a brain labeling protocol, software for generating an optimized brain colormap, and a brain image viewer.
infovis Information Visualization
I created this searchable database of over 1,000 information graphics to develop a taxonomic classification system to organize and interrelate any graphical information.
qovert Quotes over Time
Quotes over Time tracked the top-quoted people from Reuters Alertnet News, and presents their quotes on a timeline.
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